"Where Can I Find These Great Games?"

One of the things that happens a lot when you put up a web page paying tribute to the games of a designer whose games are mostly out of print, is that you get a lot of email from people saying, "Where can I find these games?"

There have always been only two answers.  The first is eBay.  You're sure to find all but the most obscure of Sackson's games there before too long.  That's where I got most of mine.  eBay is a pretty great thing, and I just wish I'd had money to invest when their stock went on the market!

However, usually, the next answer has been that you try the good people at Funagain Games.  They're a super outfit in Oregon that does a great job of restoring old games for resale, as well as stocking the latest and greatest of games from Germany and elsewhere.

Running this website has always been strictly a labor of love for me, but when the people at Funagain approached me and asked me if I wanted to be an Associate, I decided it would be a very cool idea.  Here's how it works:

If you go to Funagain's excellent site from a link here on the Sackson Site, they'll know about it.  No, they're not exceptionally psychic, it's just that they keep track of such things.  Any games you buy DURING THAT SESSION ONLY (whether or not they're Sackson games) will result in my getting a few pennies on the dollar of your purchase.  Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work (and hundreds of dollars spent tracking down and buying some of the rarer of these titles) have gone into this site, and this will be the first remuneration I'll have ever received for it.  If, however, you use the link from this site, go there, look around, and then decide tomorrow to buy an item and at that time go to their site directly, I don't get anything.  So... make sure you always come here first and then always get there from here.  If you like what you see on this site, that'd be a nice way of both supporting their fine efforts and mine as well.

So, at the bottom of each game's description, you'll probably see something like "Click here to see if Funagain has a copy for you."  That will take you right to their site, to the page devoted to that specific game.  Also, if you click on the photos in my site (many of which were... uh... borrowed from theirs), if it's a game they carry, that'll take you there too, just as clicking on the photos of the books always took you to Amazon.com's listing for those books.

I recommended them before I stood to benefit a little bit financially from it, and will only continue to recommend them as long as I think they deserve it.  You can count on that.

So, what's new around here?