I've often been asked for a definitive list of all of Sackson's games.  I don't have one.  Here's a link to one that someone else has compiled.  I don't think it's very good, actually, as it doesn't tell you whether the game in question was simply described in a book or magazine, or was published as a boxed game.  All it has is the titles and dates, but it's a start.  And, here's a link to another one, that gives a bit more information but isn't as up to date.  Truth be told, I believe that the most complete list of Sackson's games currently available is the one you'll find on this site, at the Alphabetical List.

Another list, as well as a lot of other cool Sacksonia can be found at the Gamers Alliance site at www.gamersalliance.com.

Speaking of links, here's a link to a nifty little puzzle which Sackson published in GAMES Magazine in the October '96 issue called WIRETAP.  Actually, it was a 2-player game in the magazine, but here you play against the computer.

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Remember, every time you enter the excellent site run by Funagain Games from this one, and you make a purchase, The Sackson Site benefits.  They do a great job of trying to keep all of the current German editions of his games in stock, as well as hunting down copies of some of the older, out-of-print classics.  Nice people, too.

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