New, as of 11/8/98: descriptions of more of Sid Sackson's Great Games that are (or were) only available in Germany, such as METROPOLIS, KOHLE KIE$ & KNETE, DAS SUPER-BLATT, and GOLD CONNECTION (with more coming)!

New, as of 2/1/99: information about my eBay auctions newsletter, and assorted other minor tweaks too trivial to mention.

New as of 5/11/99: SAMARKAND, now available in the US, many more photos in the "Odds & Ends" department, and many fixed links.

New as of 5/19/99: Now you can download very playable computer versions of MONAD, CAN'T STOP, and ACQUIRE for free, thanks to the generosity and programming skill of George Crawshay of the UK!

New as of 5/23/99: George Crawshay comes through again, with a terrific computerization of SOLITAIRE DICE (aka CHOICE), from the Gamut of Games book!

New as of 6/21/99: A whole mess of new Sackson games from Germany, including MALONEY'S INHERITANCE, NEW YORK, BUSINESS, WU HSING, MASSAI, FLOTTE KRABBE, DIE CHINESISCHE MAUER and CORNER.  Descriptions and reviews will come when I've been able to get the rules translated, and I find time to actually play these games!  Meanwhile, check out the "Odds & Ends" department.  Also, rewrote the description of MONAD.

New as of 6/24/99: All of the Pantheon books are now pictured in their own section.

New as of 9/29/99: Added photos and info about the Schmidt Spiele edition of ACQUIRE, and added the photo and a little info about "The Case of the Elusive Assassin: An Ellery Queen Mystery Game," which was an early version of SLEUTH.  Also rewrote the opening introduction.  Coming soon: descriptions/reviews of THE WINNING TICKET, CORNER, FLOTTE KRABBE, DA CAPO, MALONEY'S INHERITANCE, NEW YORK, and MASSAI!

New as of 10/5/99: Added the BURIED TREASURE photo and information to the DAS SUPER-BLATT listing.  Rewrote and reorganized the "Odds & Ends" department, adding the photo of DA CAPO.

New as of 10/13/99: Added more info about BURIED TREASURE/DAS SUPER-BLATT, and the SAMARKAND expansion.

New as of 10/16/99: We've got frames, baby!  No more taking forever to load!  Please give me your comments either via email, or via the guestbook.

New as of 10/27/99: Added photo of TEMPTATION POKER to the "Odds & Ends" section.

New as of 11/8/99: We're a Funagain Associate Site now!  Click on "Where Can I Find These Games" here or on the left to see what that means.  One thing it means is that if you want to try to buy any of the items described in the site, either book or game, you can click on the photo and that'll probably take you to the best place to find it, if it can be found.

New as of 12/14/99: Added photos of PUSHOVER and HIGH SPIRITS to the "Odds & Ends" section.  Removed the plea for someone to translate DIE CHINESISCHE MAUER and QUINTO because someone finally did!

New as of 12/28/99: Added the Fred Haines rules translation to the METROPOLIS section, and added the photos of HOLIDAY and RIGHT CONNECTIONS to the "Odds & Ends" section.

New as of 12/30/99:  Added a photo of BIG BOSS to the ACQUIRE section, added the photos of the MACARTHUR game and TAM-BIT to the "Odds & Ends" section, and a splash of color to the frames.  Do you like it?

New as of 1/3/2K: Added the photo and information about INTERSECTION (aka CORNER) to the "Odds & Ends" section.  Made the font a bit smaller, to make it look better on machines with large resolutions.

New as of 1/8/2K: Added the photo and information about TOTALLY to the "Odds & Ends" section, and rearranged it a bit, fleshing out the descriptions of some of the games.

New as of 1/9/2K: Added the Alphabetical Index Of All Games Covered In This Site!  Now, if you're looking for a specific game, you can get right to it quickly!  Also, included a link so that the Macintosh People can download a version of ACQUIRE that they can use.  Yes, we certainly do aim to please here at the Sackson Site!

New as of 1/10/2K: Added information about FIELDS OF ACTION, a link to the rules of CARD STOCK MARKET (aka BLACK MONDAY), and a link to a new Javascript version of SOLITAIRE DICE (aka CHOICE); all to the Books section.

New as of 1/17/2K: Added THE HARRY LORAYNE MEMORY GAME to the "Odds & Ends" section.

New as of 1/21/2K: Added MAJOR BATTLES AND CAMPAIGNS OF GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON to the "Odds & Ends" section.

New as of 1/26/2K: Added the link to the cool WIRETAP puzzle in the "Links & Goodbyes" section.

New as of 1/29/2K: Added the link to the Bowling Solitaire Javascript game in the Books section.

New as of 3/27/2K: Added the link to the old PC-DOS version of ACQUIRE in the ACQUIRE section.

New as of 5/9/2K: Added a photo of CAMP to the "Odds & Ends" section.  Added a photo of, and information about BAZAAR II to the SAMARKAND section.  And... I finally added photos of and a thorough discussion of the brand new Hasbro/Avalon Hill ACQUIRE to the ACQUIRE section, as well as a link to yet another old PC-DOS version of the game.

New as of 7/19/2K: Added a link to the fabulous NetAcquire software that'll let you play Acquire with other online users, as well as a link to a discussion of the open stocks vs. closed stocks debate.  See the ACQUIRE section for more details.  Also added a link to a computer version of DOMINATION (aka FOCUS) to that section.

New as of 11/7/2K: Added a second internet Acquire version from PaulGames to the ACQUIRE section, and NUMMERUS ZAHLUS to the "Odds & Ends" section.

New as of 11/16/2K: Added UPTHRUST to the "Odds & Ends" section, and changed the colors around to make the games (which were photographed against a black background) stand out more!  Also did some cleaning and dusting here and there, added the original hard cover book jacket of "Gamut Of Games" to the Books section.

New as of 11/18/2K: Added THE 6 PACK OF PAPER AND PENCIL GAMES TO the "Odds & Ends" section.  Also expanded the listings for the Pantheon books, A GAMUT OF GAMES, and CARD GAMES AROUND THE WORLD to list the names of the games contained therein, and incorporated those names into the Alphabetical Index of All Games Covered In The Site. Moved HIGH SPIRITS WITH CALVIN AND THE COLONEL to the DAS SUPER-BLATT section.  Also did some minor rewriting to almost all sections.

New as of 11/19/2K: Added a complete index to all original Sackson games published in Games Magazine!

New as of 1/20/01: Added TEMPO to the "Odds & Ends" section, along with my desperate plea for a copy of the rules to it, if anyone has them!

New as of 2/9/01: Added INTERPLAY to the "Odds & Ends" section, as well as a link to eBay to the menu bar on the left and the "Where Can I Find These Games" section.  eBay has always been a great place to find old games, and now I'll get a few bucks for each of you who signs up with them.

New as of 4/23/01: Added TROMINO GO to the complete index to all original Sackson games published in Games Magazine.

New as of 6/06/01: Added a fun variant to CAN'T STOP known as CAN'T STOP CAN'T STOP to the CAN'T STOP section.  Check it out!

New as of 6/27/01: Added downloadable rules to TEMPO to the "Odds & Ends" section, so you can play it yourself!  All you need is a simple board and 15 checkers in each of two colors.  Thanks to Daniel Roth for this!

New as of 7/28/01: Many innumerable little tweaks.  Added links back to "Home" which became necessary because the wonderful people at LUDING (the ultimate boardgame resource) added links to the individual pages in the site.  Also added a photo of the odd Avalon Hill ACQUIRE box, the PDF rules to TEMPO, the information about using pieces from ADVANCE TO BOARDWALK with CAN'T STOP, etc., etc.

New as of 8/20/01: Added the excellent article about Sid Sackson from Games Magazine by Minda Zetlin, entitled "The Guru Of Games."  Thanks, Minda!

New as of 9/12/01: Added an obscure little Sackson game for two (or two partnerships) called TRANSFORMATION which you can print out and play!  You'll find it at the end of the "Odds & Ends" section, and it appears thanks to the generous translation services of Robbie Smith!

New as of 4/3/02: Added the original Sackson rules to "MAVERICK COUNTRY" which became GOLD CONNECTION to the (where else?) GOLD CONNECTION section, as well as news of a reissue of CAN'T STOP.

New as of 4/9/02: Added a downloadable English translation of DA CAPO to the "Odds & Ends" section, and posted my review of the reissue of CAN'T STOP, which is called CAN'T STOP THE TURTLES.

New as of 4/19/02: Added a description of and a downloadable file containing the original radically different 1962 rules to ACQUIRE.  In the ACQUIRE section, of course.  Also, thanks to Jeff Bennett, I've restored a working link to the downloadable Mac version of ACQUIRE.

New as of 5/9/02: Added a link to Howard Shulman's excellent computer version of BAZAAR, on the BAZAAR page.  Sorry it took me so long, Howard!

New as of 11/6/02: Reluctantly added the sad news of the passing of Sid Sackson.

New as of 8/13/05: Lots of little updates after almost three years.  Added to the intro to explain what's been going on.  Updated my email address.  Added photos of the Face2Face reissues of KOHLE KIE$ & KNETE (I'M THE BOSS) and SLEUTH.

New as of 9/11/16: At long last, I added the PDF file of scans of Sackson's Games Magazine games.  Enjoy!

New as of 3/5/17: After losing the server which hosted the site (from which nothing could be recovered), I have largely reconstructed the site.  In doing so, it's clear to me that the whole thing is in need of a fresh coat of paint and a fair amount of updating.  I still need to put Humpty completely back together again, but if anyone cares, I'll be updating it over the weeks and months to come, including eliminating dead links.

And now, the games!